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#ifndef OFFMESH_H
#define OFFMESH_H
#include "Mesh.h"
#include "Facet.h"
#include "Vertex.h"
#include "ExternalLib/glm/vec3.hpp"
#include <string>
* OFFMesh is inheriting from Mesh, it's a Mesh loaded from a .off file *
class OFFMesh : public Mesh
/***** Members *****/
std::string offFilePath; //
std::vector<Facet> facets; // composed of 3 Vec3& from vertices
glm::vec3 barycenter; // mesh's barycenter (used to normalize it, method ditched for now as it's not important)
/***** Methods *****/
void saveToOffFile(std::string); // Save current mesh to an external file
/***** Constructors *****/
OFFMesh(const std::string& offFilePath_);
#endif /* OFFMESH_H */